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Dogline:  12.08.17
The place:  
Instant Dogma Headquarters,

Worcester County


Your scribe: Steve Blake

The Holidaze are upon us and so...
something.. something... ho-ho-ho.

1. We are still flogging the most recent release
from the
the psychedelic drügs, CONTACT HIGH.
So much so they released a second video

(see video of the month)

Note - we have the cover art right here.
(click on it to see the ad we made)

Here's how to buy a copy

Here's how with PayPal

*  *  *

2. Noted co-conspirator  Greg Sullivan
and his spouse Sara Guimond have had a youngun.
Please welcome Philomena Sullivan to the planet. sa

(See photo of the month)


*  *  * 

Yep, I still have a radio show  in Worcester
We are in the middle of our Fall Fund drive.
please consider donating if you can.
There are many perks for a full membership,
it's tax deductible and we are the best damned
community radio station in America.

Please consider donating to community radio.

Here's a link to WCUW's live stream

Here's the Facebook Page

Here's where my shows are archived.

* * *
Director Antonio Linus has commissioned
the psychedelic drügs
to provide a soundtrack
for the new motion picture 7 Hills.
In a matter of several days
they have completed the recording 
and are now in the process of mixing.
Stories of contentious disagreements 
between the band and Linus have been exaggerated.

* * *

Freak Music
have been taking a break
from their arduous studio schedule.
They are expected to continue recording
sometime after the holidays.

Their previous album, Is Everybody Happy?
is still available via the interwebs.

Go here to purchase and be the envy of your friends.

* * *
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Greg and Sara and Philomena


the psychedelic drügs
new song Caravan


Quote of the month
"Maturity is saying "sure, no problem" instead of f*ck you.""

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