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Dogline: 6.10.15
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Your scribe: Steve Blake

Lots of stuff coming up and going etc.

Still on the air at:

Mondays, 5 to 7 PM. 91.3 FM
(in Worcester county, MA)
(Here’s the Facebook page.)

We just released the Freak Music album
"But I Thought You Liked my Coffee"

Here's an ad for it.

Here's where to buy it.

For more on this, go to Studio News...

Bob Jordan and I were promoting his recently released cd,
The Goodbye Gift, on on WCUW's
Music Under The Moon
(pictured here with Andy Cimino and Mitch Ahern.)

Here's a song from the album.

Here's Where to buy a copy.

Well that’s all for now Dogmateers.
As always please consider going to
The Instant Dogma Store
and purchasing some of our fine wares.

Bob Jordan and I (plus many others)
will be playing
The Goodbye Gift
a special cd release and going away party
910 main Street, Worcester MA.
June 12th,
7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Click here for more info


Derrick Tie came back to Toad Hall
to wrap his guitar parts on the song
Derrick's Unfinished Biznis
(and can be heard on the new Freak Music CD -
But I Thought You Liked My Coffee.)
Last January we attempted the session and
there was a collossal console failure that,
because of all the snow storms and so forth,
 took two months to fix.
(see this month's Pic of The Month)

* * *

Bob Jordan and I finally finished his new album
The Goodbye Gift. It began a year ago with
Greg Sullivan and I finishing off some old demos
we had tracked for the last album The Meaning Is
 and then Bob came in with new material.
Several months later she is done.

* * *

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Bob Jordan, Greg and I
during a Goodbye Gift session.

 Derrick, Greg and I
during the ill fated first attempt to record
Derrick's Unfinished Biznis.

nothing this month

Quote of the month

The Dark One shall be most pleased."

What I say when people
show me their baby pictures.


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