Toad Hall Studio Rules and Polices 

  1. Session fees are twenty five dollars per hour/twenty dollars per hour block rate or one hundred dollars a day unless otherwise negotiated. Payment is expected at the end of the session. Fees include studio use, engineer and use of studio equipment, 24 track recording, editing and all recording related services.  Mastering, copyright assistance, graphics, videography and/or duplication are not included, unless otherwise negotiated.
  1. Clients are welcome to use studio instruments, as long as they treat said gear with courtesy.
  1. Cancellations are to be within 24 hours of the studio session. (We do understand that emergencies happen.) 
  1. Bands are expected to provide their own recording media, unless otherwise arranged. Media used at Toad Hall Studio is or an IDE/EIDE internal hard-drive. Magnetic tape media is Ampex 456 one inch tape. 
  1. The services of a Producer are not provided by Toad Hall, unless otherwise arranged. 
  1. Use of the one inch tape machine requires a one hundred dollar maintenance and use fee (seriously, that machine is old.)
  1. If the client intends to record at Toad Hall but mix at another location, every effort and courtesy will be made for the next engineer and/or producer. Media, track sheets and other materials will be provided, upon completion of Toad Hall sessions and payment thereof. 
  1. There is no smoking in the studio areas or control room. All smoking shall be either outside the building. Band members and guests are welcome to keep beverages in our fridge. 
  1. The recording engineer maintains the right to shut down the session if that band is sufficiently intoxicated or disrespectful as to be a danger to themselves, studio personnel or equipment. 
  1. Upon completion of project all materials, master and basic recordings will be delivered to the client. Toad Hall will only guarantee storage of  materials for up to six months, unless otherwise arranged. 
  1.  Satisfaction Guarantee: If for any reason the client is unhappy with the initial session, the client’s money will be gladly refunded as the recordings are erased.