Toad Hall has one full time Producer available.
That would be me (Steve Blake.)
I have been recording musicians since 1985
Here is a list of projects I have worked on...

As a Recording Engineer:
Enigma USA - Demo
FHA Creed - Demo
   Beggar Man Thief - Demo
Beyond Reach - Demo
SuperCrebStar Dynomax - Union Station Comp
The Have Nots - Demo
Bedspins - Demo
Bullyrag - Demo
Movable Feast - Getting Taller
Narcotic Effect - Dose
Raincoat - Put On
Narcotic Effect - Whatever
Roy Hinkley Trio - Demo
Roy Hinkley Trio - Coconuts And Fish
Roy Hinkley Trio - Thalidomide Babyhead
Roy Hinkley Trio - Go Hawaiian
Roy Hinkley - Do Yourself In
Peter Zolli - Present
Peter Zolli -28 Song Demo
White Knuckle Sobriety - Fat Ends First
Hipbone - Big Ears
Hipbone - Decoupage
Bret Hart - Duck Or Mask
Kudzu - Swamp Gothic
Bilnd Pineapple Phillips - Bee Spit Architecture
David Nader -Spoken Word
Better Friends Than Lovers - BFTL
Peter Zolli - Letters To Aslan
Aslan - Large Letters
Zaula - Two of Us
Zolli's Follies -  Santa's Bootleg
Michael Thibodeau - Raise High The Roofbeam
The Numbskulls - Manifest Destiny
The Flix - Night After Night
Kizmet - Demo
Kids At The Back of The Bus - Demo
Standard Deviation - Demo
James Keyes - Loose
The Spoilers - Under The Knife
snakes & ladders - Preview
snakes & ladders - Come Out & Play
snakes & ladders - Staring At The Sun
Muss -  Four Song Demo

As a Producer:
Condition Red - Demo
Banzai - Get Back To The Ship And Radio For Help
Banzai - Psychedelic West
Banzai - Beyond Reality
Freak Music - 4 Track
Freak Music - Gas
Freak Music - Volume 1
Zen Bastards - Falling Forward
Kudzu - Incest is Bad
Tina Hart - Planting That Seed
Loose Salute - Snapshot
snakes & ladders - Acoustic
snakes & ladders - ExperiMental
snakes & ladders - Authenticity
Daisy Chains - Demo
The Brainless Wonders - It's Your Local Christmas Comp
Kizmet -
It's Your Local Christmas Comp
Numbskulls -
It's Your Local Christmas Comp
Clot - Demo
The Numbskulls - The Lost
Bottlefight - Live in Manchaug
Bottlefight - Cheesy Disc
Epitome of Dog - Demo
Al Urban And The Legends - Urbology
Dan Chauvin - Unresolved
The Highway Patrol - From Dusk 'Til Daylight
White Knuckle Sobriety - Strange Dick
Bret Hart & The Highway Patrol - Old Time Radio Songs
The Highway Patrol - From Dusk 'Til Daylight
snakes & ladders - Shouting Theater

As a Video Producer/Director:
Cheap TV (cable access music show) 2001 - 2003
Daisy Chains - On The Edge of Town
snakes & ladders - Public Access
snakes & ladders - Archive
Junk Culture - The All-Night Images
The Velvet Whores Live
snakes & ladders - Live In Manchaug
Wormfest I
Wormfest II
Mad Rawk (The Video)
The Best of Cheap TV

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